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* I am not used to English. Please be noted.*


First Greeting


Welcome! This site is Japanese TESO fan site.

I am enjoying the game in Japanese version.

And I thought I wanted to create a site that gathered information.

Although this site is mostly made in Japanese, there may be something that you can see in images, such as a list of items.

If you enjoy this game, I’d appreciate if the information on this site will be of any use.

I want to make it possible to write English words to site together little by little.


Thank you for coming here! 🙂

Data content


Master Writs – Store goods list, pay for attainment certificate.


Zanil Theran – Luxury Furnisher goods Record


Belkarth – Home Goods List


Brass Fortress – Home Goods List


This Site

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since : 2017/9/10
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